Books are the Food of Life, Read On!

future book releases


Future Book Releases

New Book Releases

are decided by the Publishers. Publishers send out book lists approximately ninety (90) days in advance of publication. Of course not all of them are in an edible form. We get some of the lists and re-publish these new and future Book Releases.

I’m a sucker for Kindle books. is a good example of the modern way to purchase Kindle books for immediate download and near immediate consumption. Incidentally if for some reason isn’t available try their backup site at same Kindle Site Same service.

You have; Hardbacks, Paperbacks, Hardback large print, CD, Audible, and of course Kindle. They will mix and match these according to International agreements and their business model. A nightmare for the connoisseur.

Each Future Book Release list is split up into categories some obvious and some not. For instance a book by Joe Abercrombie could be Adventure Fantasy Paperback/Hardback/Kindle.


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